Grant strategies to build nonprofit capacity

After many years of experience in training and presenting on best-practice grant-seeking, ranging from one-on-one and small-group mentoring through to national conference sessions, Strategic Grants formalised its training program in 2013 to assist nonprofits of all sizes to develop effective processes, use resources wisely, and put in place strategies that will see them applying to the right funder, with the right project, at the right time.

We offer a range of in-person and webinar-based training to cater to all levels of experience. Click on the links below to find out more:


CommunitySymbolHOME1 Grant-Seeker Workshops 


Strategic Grants' comprehensive half-day Grant-Seeker Workshops provide the processes,
tools and skills to implement or grow effective grant-seeking in your nonprofit.




workshop Organisation-Specific Program 
Review Workshops

Setting up a grants program or wanting to explore why your current strategies are not
achieving a good grants success rate? We can design and deliver an organisation-specific
workshop to tackle your unique challenges.

laptop Upcoming Webinars

Book for one of our upcoming webinars on key elements of grant-seeking, with actionable
tips and strategies to implement in your organisation. Interactive learning at your desk!
Webinars are recorded and available to be viewed for 30 days from the presentation date.

laptop Past Webinars

Couldn't make a webinar date? You can still access them in our training library of past webinars!
Learn in your own time, with webinars available to be viewed for 30 days from date of purchase.

laptopCommunity Grant-Seeker Training

Are you looking to win grants for your small, community-based nonprofit organisation? 
This simple, easy-to-use online training program is designed specifically for you.

The five modules will take approximately 20-30 hours to complete, and you will have
six months to work through them at your own pace, in your own time.


Education for Boards and Project Delivery Staff

Optimise your grants program with a whole-of-organisation approach, by ensuring all staff have an
understanding of Trusts and Foundations and are working together to support the organisation’s strategic fundraising goals.