Working with both philanthropic and government funders we seek to help you to achieve your goals.

We have a track record in:

Reviewing and providing feedback on funding guidelines and forms. It is important to ensure that relevant information is provided in a way that makes your intentions clear and allows prospective applicants to make an informed decision about whether to submit an application. Based on our years of experience working with both applicants and funders, we can help you to streamline your grant-making process and reduce the number of ineligible applications you receive.

Disseminating current and relevant funding round information to you via our Grants Expertise Management System. This ensures that you only see those nonprofits which are good prospects for your grants.

Providing pre-funding-round training to prospective applicants. Our aim being to develop their skills and capacity, and to improve the quality of applications submitted.

To discuss how we can collaborate with you to deliver effective grant-making, please get in touch.