Our advisory services are tailored to suit your nonprofit’s needs, and can include:

Monthly Grants Program Management

We provide full month-to-month management of grant-seeking for organisations who prefer to outsource the process. This can be particularly helpful in the short term for nonprofits that are new to grant-seeking and want to ensure the most effective strategies are embedded into their organisation. We recommend our comprehensive management services to organisations who may have the experience but simply not the time to manage their grants strategy, as well as for an initial three- to six-month period for organisations embarking on a grants strategy, so that training and mentoring can be provided to organisational staff.

Monthly grants program management includes:

  • Full personalised access to GEM Portal
  • Monthly meetings to plan for upcoming applications and ongoing grants program management review
  • Post-meeting action lists
  • Project review and project matching
  • General grants management advice based on Strategic Grants’ experience and contact with funders
  • Advice on reporting, acquittal and major donor stewardship processes, as required
  • Provision of monthly reports, detailing activities carried out each month.

Project Planning and Budgeting

Project budgets are a common point of weakness on grant applications. Often the project plan provided to the grant writer by the project leader lacks substantiation and sufficient information to prepare a competitive proposal.

Strategic Grants works with nonprofits to provide a customised project information template that can be used by organisational project leaders. This enables the initial project documentation to be well thought-out and well structured so that the fundraising team has comprehensive knowledge for informed discussions with prospective donors. It also streamlines grant-writing processes.

Training is also provided in project budgeting for grant applications, ensuring that total project delivery costs are accounted for, as are organisational contributions, co-funding, and proposed expenditure.

Major Donor Stewardship for Grants Success

Grant-makers are major donors to your charity. Appropriate and relevant stewardship processes need to be in place to ensure that you are not only reporting and acquitting grants as per funder requirements, but that you are building meaningful relationships with your major donors. In consultation with your organisation, our team will help you to develop and implement appropriate stewardship processes.

Grants Training and Mentoring

Strategic Grants believes strongly in increasing your nonprofit’s capacity to survive and thrive. Training and mentoring services are provided to work with your team to ensure that best-practice grant matching and execution strategies are implemented. It is common for organisations to employ these services for a fixed period after a Grants Program Review and/or creation of a Grants Calendar to ensure that staff are provided with relevant advice and support to further develop a sustainable grants program.