Seeking philanthropic funding from Trusts and Foundations and individual philanthropists is a very competitive process. The quality of a submission can make or break an organisation’s ability to successfully attract the support needed to fund important projects.

We assist with submission preparation in two ways:

Application Critiquing

This service is invaluable for those organisations wanting to train and up-skill existing staff in the specialist area of grant writing. A full review is made of grant applications, and tracked changes are made with comments included explaining why editing has occurred and posing questions where more information is required. It is envisaged that this is a short-term service for organisations wanting to provide training for their grant writers.

Of course, we are also happy to assist in a long-term capacity, providing objective editorial services when applications just need a final once-over by experienced grant writers.

Application Writing

Outsourcing can be a cost-effective option that will ensure strong applications are submitted to funders. To develop your staff’s grant-writing skills and your organisation’s internal grant and tender writing capacity, we can provide comments, edits and feedback on applications, and explain where and why information needs to be added or amended.

Strategic Grants provides grant-writing services to those organisations we work with in an ongoing capacity.

We are generally not able to support one-off tender and application writing requests from organisations we have not previously worked with, due to our commitments to our ongoing clients.

We have, though, established a Strategic Grants Writers’ Network and encourage you to contact one of our expert writing partners.