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Latest sector news

To reframe overhead, collective action is required 

A common topic among not-for-profits and charities all across the world is the narrative around overheads. This research found that, 94% of fundraisers agree there is a problem with how Not-For-Profits represent and/or are funded for their overhead costs.  

Read more: https://reframeoverhead.org

Why Isn’t No-Strings Funding More Common? 

Following on from the theme of reframing overheads, comes this article by the Stanford Social Innovation review. The final paragraph in this article says it all “So what are funders waiting for? The challenges and problems are clear, and the people and organizations closest to them have the solutions. They know how to use the money. And they need it now.” 

Read more: https://ssir.org/articles/entry/unrestricted-funding-barriers

Four Pieces of Advice for Participatory Grant-makers In Aotearoa New Zealand 

For context: Participatory Grant-making is “about learning from, and building relationships with, those who have the most experience with the issues you are funding.” This article delves into this growing movement in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Read more: https://www.proximate.press/latest-stories/four-pieces-of-advice-for-participatory-grantmakers-in-aotearoa-new-zealand 

Tips for cultivating the support of Australia’s biggest private donors 

Getting the basics right before they try swimming with the big fish in philanthropy is key. 

Read more: https://www.communitydirectors.com.au/articles/tips-for-cultivating-the-support-of-australias-biggest-private-donors

Also check out this Strategic Grants resource on how to find approach funders:  


Top 5 Questions NFPs have for funders: With Gill Whelan, General Manager, DECJUBA Foundation & TANK Foundation 

Some great tips and information from a funder! How can a fund seeker stand out from the crowd? What type of questions do you ask when you meet a potential new partner organisation? What should we be prepared to answer? 

Read more: https://www.philanthropy.org.au/news-and-stories/top-5-questions-nfps-have-for-funders-with-gill-whelan-general-manager-decjuba-foundation-tank-foundation

Rising to the challenge: Insights from the community sector 

An annual report from Perpetual, their Philanthropy Snapshot for 2024 provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities faced by not-for-profit organisations and the communities they serve. Not just highlighting these challenges, they also provide advice for philanthropists and funders to help overcome them. 

Read more: https://www.perpetual.com.au/insights/philanthropy-snapshot-2024

The growth of Women and Wealth – A closer look at Australia’s growing cohort of high-net-worth female investors

Not specifically philanthropy or funding based, JB Were reports on the increasing number and value of high-net-worth women in Australia, which hopefully in turn, will increase structured philanthropic giving. A mind blowing statistic they reveals is that women are set to inherit AUD$3.2 Trillion in the next decade, with the largest wealth transfer Australia has seen. 

Read more: https://www.jbwere.com.au/campaigns/growth-of-women-and-wealth

A record £13.9 billion donated to charity last year across the UK

Read more: https://www.cafonline.org/docs/default-source/about-us-research/uk_giving_report_2024_final.pdf

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