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Latest sector news

NFPs need to work together to survive 2024 and beyond 

There are quite a few great examples given in this article to help Not-for-Profits (NFPS) think of new strategies for 2024. Australian not-for-profit experts say collaboration, mergers, new technology, artificial intelligence, better training and advanced financial management will help NFPs face any challenges of 2024.  

Read more: https://www.communitydirectors.com.au/articles/nfps-need-to-work-together-to-survive-2024-and-beyond

Better Philanthropy Telescope Survey 

Philanthropy Australia conducted the Better Philanthropy Telescope survey for the second year which helps to identify the trends, issues and opportunities in the sector from both the funders and the recipients of philanthropic funding. 116 people, from across Australia and from various organisations responded to our survey with approximately 46% of the respondents were funders, 40% were not-for-profits and the remaining comprised of professional advisers, consultants and others. 

Read more: https://www.philanthropy.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Better-Philanthropy-Telescope-report-2024.pdf

Reviewing your reserves: Finding the right level for your not-for-profit – From BDO New Zealand 

A frank and honest article discussing the needs for cash reserves for not for profit organisations, which COVID has certainly helped us to understand.

Read more: https://www.bdo.nz/en-nz/insights/not-for-profit/reviewing-your-reserves-finding-the-right-level-for-your-not-for-profit 

Where ambition and innovation meet: The Koda endowment 

We loved this article about Koda Capital setting up their own endowment fund. Koda turned the spotlight on its own giving aspirations and created a way for their staff and families to give to organisations they are passionate about. 

Read more: https://communityfoundation.org.au/making-a-difference/stories/where-ambition-and-innovation-meet-the-koda-endowment

11 Trends in philanthropy for 2024 

Always wanting to know what is happening around the world in philanthropy and funding, this article helps to understand giving in the USA.

Read more: https://johnsoncenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/11-Trends-for-2024-Report.pdf 

Funder updates

Some more annual reports from funders have been released. These are great resources to help you understand their motivation for giving and who they give to. 

Minderoo 2023 annul report 

Read more: https://report.minderoo.org/2023/

Australian Communities Foundation 2022/23 report 

Read more: https://wp.communityfoundation.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Australian-Communities-Foundation-Annual-Report-22-23-spreads.pdf

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