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Latest sector news

Podcast: ‘The Agenda to Double Giving to Charity by 2030’ on the podcast Uncomfortable Collisions with Reality – Sam Rosevear with Nicholas Gruen

We like the way that this podcast has been released with the ability to just listen to the topics that are relevant or interesting to you.

The Australian Government is moving towards doubling philanthropic giving by 2030 and this interview gives some perspectives and different approaches on how this may be implemented.

Listen to it here: https://www.philanthropy.org.au/news-and-stories/podcast-the-agenda-to-double-giving-to-charity-by-2030-on-the-podcast-uncomfortable-collisions-with-reality-sam-rosevear-with-nicholas-gruen/

From Colour Blind to Race Conscious – A Roadmap to Action Diversity and Inclusion in Australian Philanthropy

This report and roadmap was created by a collaboration between The Macquarie Group Foundation, Perpetual and Philanthropy Australia, who have partnered with the Jumbunna Institute and Centre for Social Impact UNSW.

They came up with five priority actions to enable change including “Representation in board roles and beyond” and “Questioning purpose, power and privilege”.

Read the report here: https://culturaldiversityinphilanthropy.online/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/CDP-Report-1.pdf

Responding to communities under pressure: a pulse check of philanthropic and grant funding by Philanthropy New Zealand 

Philanthropy New Zealand surveyed their members and analysed their responses. There are quite a few take-aways from this report including  opportunities for collaborations, one third of survey respondents looking at changing their focus or “what” they are funding and over 80% of respondents are looking at maintaining or increasing the amount they will be funding.

Read the report here: https://acrobat.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:AP:89c63308-3d28-42de-9c91-7fa45906caa7

Where are we? Place-based approaches to tackling community challenges in Australia a report by Paul Ramsay Foundation and Equity Economics

This report contributes to the place-based reform agenda in Australia and provides an overview what this means and how it can be implemented. It talks about the opportunity to embrace place-based approaches alongside national policies and programs.

Read the report here: https://www.paulramsayfoundation.org.au/news-resources/where-are-we-place-based-approaches-to-tackling-community-challenges-in-australia 

Giving Attitude 2.5 – tracking private sector support for Australian arts and culture

This report analyses data and responses during the pandemic of organisations within Australian arts and culture.  

Read the report here: https://creativepartnerships.gov.au/resource/giving-attitude-2-5-2/

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