Public Relations for Non-Profits: What’s Your Angle?

Have you ever jealously admired someone’s uber cool travel photos and wondered why yours don’t look quite so amazing?

Sure, you’ve got some great snaps, like that one of you holding the Eiffel Tower in your fingers but they’ve got nothing on these shots – close ups of the cobbled streets at Montmartre, an interesting angle on an old statue overlooking the Seine or just a simple black and white take on café chairs on the Champs.

What your friends did was simple – they captured the obvious things that we sometimes overlook; the everyday details that remind us of experiences, people and places.

Public Relations for Non-Profits: What’s Your Angle?

So how does this relate to the way we profile our nonrofit organisations?

At the risk of preaching to the converted, the way we choose to show off our organisations to the world (yes, our “PR”) is so important when it comes to fundraising and grant seeking.

An interesting article in The Guardian said:

 “Fundraising aims to encourage donations and to inspire supporters to raise money through a direct call to action. Good PR supports that call by demonstrating the need for the funds and the charity’s integrity in how it spends the money. The choices supporters make about which charity to donate to can be won or lost on these messages…

Good PR, as the Guardian calls it, doesn’t have to hinge on your big-deal events. In other words, don’t wait for your Eiffel Tower moments. Look closely at the cobblestones – the life-changing work that your charity is doing day in, day out.

There’s so many human interest stories just waiting to be told, and these are the stories that will help your potential donors and funders really understand what you’re all about.

What’s Your Angle?