If you are a fundraising professional, chances are you understand the importance of donor data. Not only is this data critical for developing relationships with your donors – grant funders included – it is also how everyone in your organisation can track giving history.  

However, a fundraising professional would also understand that collecting and maintaining donor data can be incredibly time-consuming! Read on to find out how you can be a smooth operator when it comes to your grant funding data… 

At Strategic Grants, we’re meticulous about the data that fuels our Grants Expertise Management System (GEMS). Our research team puts in over 80 hours of research a week to ensure that our clients’ grant calendars are constantly kept up to date with the latest grant funding opportunities that are applicable to their organisation.  

And while GEMS keeps track of all funding deadlines, funder information and application and reporting deadlines, we know that there are A LOT of customer relationship management tools (CRMs) out there that for-purpose organisations are using to record and track their data. 

So, we thought – for those that are using, or considering, GEMS and have a separate CRM for donor data – how can we make it as smooth and seamless as possible to record and track data without creating more work for the already busy fundraiser? 

Undertaking market research to understand both the data needs of our clients and the CRMs the nonprofit community are using, we have developed connectors with both Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce. At the click of a button, you can now push grants directly into these CRMs. 

Adding our tailor-made integrations, developed directly with Blackbaud and Salesforce, to your GEMS calendar means: 

  • All your grant funding data smoothly and seamlessly transfers directly to either Raiser’s Edge NXT or Salesforce.  
  • No more duplication – gone are the days of maintaining your grant funding data in two separate systems!  
  • Complete flexibility and control – once the grants data is pushed into either Raiser’s Edge NXT or Salesforce, you have control over how you use the data in your CRM. 

Watch our short videos to learn how it all happens: 

We’re constantly evolving and would love to hear from you what CRM you use, so we can investigate how it might work with GEMS. Get in touch!