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The Strategic Grants’ Customised Grants Calendar and integrated online Grants Expertise Management Portal (GEMP) incorporates funding opportunities from across Australia and New Zealand.

Our customised grants calendar lists ALL philanthropic, Government and corporate opportunities whose funding interests match those of your organisation.

So, how do we narrow down the gargantuan range of grants in our database to build a customised Grants Calendar unique to your organisation?

We build a grants calendar based on the research undertaken by our talented ‘SG Calendar Team’ who collate information to create a unique profile for each organisation – which produces a customised grants calendar. The organisational information we gather includes:

* Legal Eligibility / Status

* Program / Service delivery

* Beneficiaries

* Geography – where does your organisation deliver programs

* Grant Range required

The GEMP system does an automatic match on the above information, flagging all the grants that match each organisation’s profile for inclusion in their grants calendar.

For example, an animal welfare organisation operating solely in Victoria won’t see grant opportunities supporting animal welfare initiatives in Western Australia, because the system identifies that the organisation and grant are not a match.

The final stage of the calendar build process is when the SG Calendar Team review the calendar to ensure only relevant grants are included, and none that should be there, are excluded.

The GEM Portal saves our clients hours of valuable time, making room for simplified prospect research and more time for developing robust project plans and great grant applications. To get an idea of how the GEM Portal can support you, check out a demo at: