Jo BNE Author: Jo Garner

At one of the many professional development events I attended this year, I re-visited the Japanese concept of Ikigai or simply translated, “reason for being”.

As we move into wind down of 2019 and take a breather to reflect on the year that was and get ready for the year that will be, I would like to encourage you to reflect on the wonderful work you are doing for the betterment of society, in which ever cause or funding enabler organisation that you are working with.

I am the first person to acknowledge that we don’t live to work, but as a great percentage of us do spend a significant number of our waking hours at work, it is important to reflect on why we do what we do and whether our work is making us feel worthwhile and that we are adding value.

Being someone who is blessed and grateful for loving my chosen profession and having witnessed the detrimental effect on those who never found contentment with their jobs, I have always instilled in my young adult children, the importance of pursuing a pathway that will lead them to doing work they will enjoy and from which they will fill fulfilled. Rather than just focusing on what will pay well.

If ever people are venting to me about their jobs I am quick to ask, do they believe in what their employing organisation aims to do? Do they enjoy their role in that? If the answer to either is no, it is time to reflect and work out what next.

Ikigai take us through identifying:

What we love in life. For me, it is about teaching and contributing to social causes to help those most in need, including our environment! This is where you get the passion. To be passionate about your work I believe enables you to excel.

What the world needs – when you are responding to need you are more likely to feel like your contribution is valuable.

What you can be paid for – as most of us do have to work

What you are good at. Thankfully for me one of my strengths is communicating – talking and listening! And I get to talk and facilitate robust discussions a large percentage of my working life. ?

To achieve Ikigai, there must be an intersect or connection between the four segments.

Have you found your Ikigai?

And if you have that sorted and need some other refreshing of perspective time, check out the non-fiction work of Hans Rosling, Factfulness. Is the world really as bad as the media would have us believe? A refreshing read indeed!

Wishing you a happy, safe and relaxing holiday season. Here’s to finding your Ikigai if you have not already.Ikigai Blog Image