Bianca BNE  Author: Bianca Williams

 The team at Strategic Grants is dedicated to building capacity of nonprofit organisations to apply strategic thinking to their service delivery and fundraising programs. 

One of the many ways we help build capacity, is by providing free learning resources, including Podcasts covering the most relevant topics for fundraisers.

Here is a list of the episodes available: 

Episode 1 – Project Planning

Episode 2 –  Evaluation

Episode 3 – Key Message Podcast Blog image 2

Episode 4 – Project Budgets

Episode 5 – Nurturing Relationships

Episode 6 – Capacity to deliver the project

Episode 7 – A prioritised Wishlist

Episode 8 – Identifying grant funding prospects

Episode 9 – Funder Reports

Episode 10 – Stuff Funders Say

Happy listening and learning!