Author: Kate Sunners


I have seen so many fantastic podcast and video resources for fundraisers in the last few months I wanted to share my little library with you so you can enjoy them too! I hope you find some gold in them you can apply to your organisation.  


An incredible series of short, punchy videos of ‘Lightbulb moments’ for fundraisers on SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.


Fantastic podcast episode of a podcast called What Donors Want, with grant assessor from Comic Relief

On chasing funding, mission creep, what makes a compelling narrative, how to make funders jobs easier and stand out as an applicant.

Brilliant self-care tips for nonprofit executives or managers from the very wonderful Joan Garry at Nonprofits are Messy

Think you can do it all? You can’t. Joan gives 3 smart and simple ways to manage your calendar and the key decisions to make each week. And asks us how we can learn to lead like Kermit the frog


Jeremy Heimans reflecting on old and new power at the Philanthropy Australia National Conference 2018

Storytelling, impact, power with the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, and co-author of New Power: How Power Works in our Hyperconnected World.


All the very best for a safe, happy and wonderful holiday season for all of you fundraisers out there, who are doing such hard work to make the world a better place. We see you. We appreciate the work you do! Enjoy the down time!