Patrick Murray


Volunteer Management is a broad topic and outside of grant-seeking, is one of my passions and areas of expertise. There are a bunch of things about Volunteer Management which don’t necessarily resonate in our work (Grants Strategy) but one key message strongly aligns when considering stakeholder engagement – in specific, what to do and what not to do, to establish and nurture a relationship.

Whether you are building a best practice grant-seeking program or working with volunteers, three simple things can make all the difference:

1. Thank without expectation or a call to action

2. Let them know what they did for your cause and how it makes a difference (specifically!)

3. Genuinely ask for, and respond to, feedback


It isn’t rocket science, but we so often hear from Funders, such as Greater Charitable Foundation CEO Anne Long who was a guest at our FIA Masterclass, that grant recipients miss one or more of these steps. Remember, funders are people too!


So, take the time, tell those who have invested in you how they have made a difference and nourish those critical relationships. You never know where it might lead……

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