Harriett7 Author: Harriett Carter

I was sitting in “Finding Dory” this week (as dutiful parents do during school holidays), and the highly likeable Dory (fish, for those of you unacquainted with the Finding Nemo/Dory phenomenon) repeated one little question again and again – “What would Dory do?”

Brilliant in its simplicity.

So, next time you’re sitting in front of a completed grant application, ask yourself “what would the funder do?”

Would they fund it, or would they still have questions in their mind?

Or, if you don’t report any milestones during your 12 month funded project, ask yourself “what would the funder do?”

Would they be satisfied, or left wondering how your project is progressing?

So, as you sit in these last few hours of the financial year and reflect on your grants program, go forth boldly into 2016/17, and always remember Dory’s the funder’s perspective. 

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