Grant strategies to build nonprofit capacity

In-house Trust and Foundation education sessions for project delivery staff and boards

Optimise your grants programme with a whole-of-organisation approach, by ensuring all staff have an understanding of Trusts and Foundations and are working together to support the organisation’s strategic fundraising goals. 


Ensure your board understands the intent of funders and their expectations. Ask us about an in-house hour-long educational session about the importance of grants to your nonprofit and ensure your board members understand their role in assisting your grants programme to succeed. 



Project Delivery Staff are often expected to collect evaluation data for funder reports, and to play a role in relationship building and stewardship with funders, but many don’t have the same level of knowledge as the fundraising and grants team about funder expectations. We can help open the lines of communication between your project delivery staff and your grants team by running hour-long in-house education sessions with your project delivery staff about funder expectations regarding evaluation, reporting and stewardship. Or check out the more comprehensive half day workshop if you need help setting up an effective internal grant-seeking strategy.