Strategic Grants: How we help nonprofits from Strategic Grants.


Our mission

Our mission is to enable nonprofit organisations to establish sustainable, cost-effective grant-seeking strategies to deliver projects that fulfil their organisational missions.

Our vision

Our vision is to build the capacity of nonprofit organisations to apply strategic thinking to their service delivery and fundraising programs.

Our values

Ethics – We pride ourselves on our professional, open, honest, high-quality services and communication.

Knowledge – Effective grants strategies are based on the most up-to-date knowledge of funders and our clients’ needs.

Passion – We are passionate about helping to build the capacity of the nonprofit sector to become sustainable.

Teamwork and Collaboration – Our team works together to ensure clients receive the best outcomes and feel that they are in partnership with us.

Our point of difference: we want your charity to fulfil its mission

The Strategic Grants team is not just a group of consultants. We are a team of professionals, all of whom have a heart for the charitable sector and the multitude of causes that our charity partners exist to support. As such, all of our services are customised to ensure that a relevant and strategic approach is applied to your grant-seeking activity. 

We are a dedicated team of fundraisers who believe strategic thinking and relationship building are essential to success.

We have nearly 20 years of success in helping nonprofits secure funding, ranging from $1,000 community grants to $50 million government tenders.

We are more than just grant writers or database providers; we work with nonprofits to put in place the right processes, tools and support to ensure their grant-seeking is effective and sustainable.

We help grant-seekers:

We collaborate with grant-makers: 

  • To share up-to-date information to non-profit organisations who are eligible to apply
  • To provide advice and skills to their prospective applicants.

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