Donor Stewardship

It never hurts to say thank you

How well do you manage your donor relationships?

Every time you are successful with a grant application do you pick up the phone to say thank you? Do you turn successful grant applications into successful relationships?

Donor stewardship is one of the most important aspects of a sustainable grants program. Building long-lasting relationships with your funders will open doors to new opportunities and increased funding.

In this webinar we will highlight how you turn one successful grant application into multiple opportunities for support, how you can use your current contacts to open doors to invitation-only grant rounds and why your whole organisation needs to be involved. There are over 1,000 Private Ancillary Funds in Australia; if you don’t have a strategy to reach them, you should develop one now!

The webinar runs for approximately forty minutes and includes a recording of question time at the end.


$45.00 for 30 days