JudyJudy Lewis CFRE, General Manager – Strategies and Training

Judy Lewis is a strategist, educator and story teller. She is endlessly fascinated by the impact made by not-for-profits in our community and passionate in her pursuit of excellence in this sector.

Judy has wide ranging experience at the intersection between the community, philanthropic and corporate sectors. Her unique skillset encompasses both sides of the giving equation – not only has she managed a major national grants program, Judy is also experienced in all aspects of the fundraising mix.

Prior to joining Strategic Grants, Judy was CEO at St.George Foundation. Her extensive career in the community sector also includes fundraising roles at Sydney Heritage Fleet, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and Northcott Disability Services. Before turning her focus on community development, Judy worked in the Hospitality Industry and Market Research following her years as a qualified General & Psychiatric Nurse.

Based in Sydney, Judy applies her unique experience of both funder and fundee perspectives to manage our Grant-Seeker Workshop series, other organisation specific and custom training, and the development of strategies to enable nonprofits to be effective and sustainable in their grant-seeking.

She also works with grant-makers to review and refine their programs with a particular focus on ensuring they are user-friendly for the organisations they seek to support.

In 2015, Judy joined the Board of Touched By Olivia Foundation

Judy is an Executive Member of the Fundraising Institute Australia and a Certified Fund Raising Executive with CFRE International.